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Buti Yoga Pop-Up Classes in Central Park


“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” 
– Laura Ingalls Wilder


It’s SUMMER! We all deserve to be outside for the summer, to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, vibrant greenery, and beautiful views! That’s why I’ve decided to host a special series of 4 POP-Up outdoor classes in Central Park.

Join me & the tribe for the 2 remaining classes in July (7/2 & 7/9)! You can purchase your class pass here, and reserve your spot in the class here.

Details for next Thursday…


(4 pop-up classes this summer)

June 11th, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM, meet at 6:45 PM

June 18th, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM, meet at 6:45 PM

July 2nd, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM, meet at 6:45 PM

July 9th, 7:00 PM-8:00 PM, meet at 6:45 PM


at Columbus Circle at the Bike & Roll 15 min prior to this 7pm class (6:45 PM). We’ll walk into the Park clearing together.


1) your own Mat! 🙂

2) your girlfriend for a Thursday night yoga & park date.

Also feel free to bring your dinner or a bottle of wine or beer and hang in the park afterwards. 🙂

Class Packs: YES, you may apply your class pack towards these classes!

Which leads me to announce… I now have NEW class packs available for my classes Monday & Wednesday nights, plus these Central Park classes!

All the Central Park class details are here, and you can send your friends this link, if you’d like to invite them.

There is nothing like being outside in the open-air for an invigorating, intense, and re-charging practice. I’m so excited to meet you there!

Big Love,

P.S. To get your summer body, you need a consistent fun practice. I’ve watched BUTI Yoga transform my student’s bodies with CONSISTENCY. Come to class at least 2 – 4 x/ week, and you WILL get results! You can also supplement with at home workouts, but signing up for class ahead of time gives you the accountability you need to be sure you reach your goals. I’m making it even easier for you this month, by offering MORE drop-in classes.

Buti Yoga NYC — New Class Schedule

Summer Bodies are Made in Class!

Summer bodies are made in class. The people who look and feel amazing during the summer months – well, that is no accident – they put in the time to get their bodies looking and feeling like that!

Hopefully for them though, they’ve found an activity they love, like Buti, so that it’s something they enjoy doing! Come out for Buti class to make your summer body what you want it to be – I have more weeknight classes just for you, just for this month, so no excuses!

Which leads me to my next announcement: I have a new class schedule for June and new Class Packs for you to purchase!!

Summer Body Class Schedule:

Mondays – 7-8:00pm

at Pearl Studios, 35th & 8th

Tuesdays – 5:30 PM-6:30 PM

at Atmananda Yoga Studio, Irving Place & 18th St

Tuesdays – 7:30-8:30 PM

at Yoga Studio at Crunch Gym, W 54th St & 8th

Use “Paige’s special guest rate” for $25 class

Wednesdays – 6:45 PM- 8:25 PM*

TRIBE NIGHT at Pearl Studios

BUTI Yoga, Tribe Time & Monthly Themes

Thursdays – 7:00 – 8:00 PM (meet at 6:45 PM)

POP-Up Outdoor classes – 4 Classes over June & July

Columbus Circle/Central Park

Get in on these special classes while you can!

* What is TRIBE Night on Wednesdays? It’s our night to gather, share, and go deeper. Here we’ll discuss our THEME for the week/month, and round circle sharing. The theme of June is Gratitude – I will give you exercises, meditations and more to increase your happiness through gratitude in your life. 🙂 You will keep your ACCOUNTABILITY Partner, if you wish. Keep each other accountable and supported.

How do I book classes now?

1) Check out my Punchpass schedule and reserve a space for the class you want – simple as that!
2) Purchase a single class or a class pack to apply to your classes and make checking into class and keeping track of the classes you’ve attended a breeze.

Remember that CONSISTENCY is key. If you want to see real results and work towards your summer body, attend class 2 – 4X/week. Signing up for class ahead of time gives you the accountability you need to be sure you reach your goals.

Note: booking my Tuesday classes is the same as always, either through Atmananda or Crunch.

Why the new schedule?

This is intended to make class accessible for you to practice regularly.

My intention is that with this new structure, you’ll be able to stay connected with the tribe, and reap the benefits of a regular on-going Buti Yoga practice with me. Especially for the summer months!

Consistency is key, and I want you to keep all of the results that you work so hard for on your bodies, and get to have the emotional and energetic support you receive in class too.

What about the tribe?

I’ve got plans for special in-depth workshops (chakras, manifesting, and more) and Soul Sister Dates for us to keep our tribe together, and to even deepen and strengthen the bonds between us – because we’re not meant to do it alone.

These experiences will be MORE immersive. The retreat was a great example – more immersion = bigger transformation. Squeezing everything into 1.5 hours, well, I just don’t think that serves YOU for your biggest breakthroughs. 🙂 So there will be more opportunities for more immersions.

Do you miss Buti Camp? Do you desire a program that will offer you more support and a tight-knit sisterhood? Stay tuned, I’m creating an option for you too, sister.

See you on the mat – In the studio, or in Central Park!

Big Love,


Buti Yoga Retreats

Announcing Buti Yoga weekend retreats!

How often do you fill up your “tank” so that you really GLOW?

How often do you feel like you are overflowing with energy and gratitude for your life?

Do you have an exciting vision for your life and clear steps on how you want to manifest it?

When’s the last time that you did a vegan organic whole foods detox (um, yeah right Paige)?

When’s the last time that you surrounded yourself with amazing women for a whole weekend?

If you’re struggling to answer some of those questions, then you may be just as excited as I am to hear about my latest offering — weekend retreats!

I’ve started hosting retreats because I want to serve you on a deeper level. There is so much we can do — you can release, shift, and transform yourself in one weekend — and your life will change forever.

The first Weekend Goddess Yoga Immersion in the Catskills was full of Buti Yoga, manifesting & goal-setting workshops, pleasurable detox, chakra cleansing and balancing, sister circles & bonfires, goddess card readings, play, food, yoga workshops, daily practices to align with your divine spirit and radiance, plus fresh air, nature, pampering and sisterhood.

You deserve to feel like you have a full “tank,” an exciting vision for your life, a healthy body, and a thriving sisterhood, and I’m inviting you to the next weekend workshop to do just that. My next retreat will be this summer at a beachside location accessible by NYC public transit…far enough from the city to really get away, but close enough to slip away easily.

Sometimes, you need a break to reset, refocus, and manifest the life of your dreams. Cleanse your chakras, your body, your energy, your mind — and woman, you will show up with a full heart to the rest of your life — a new woman!

Don’t you think that the other women in your life deserve to feel great? You deserve it too.

If you’d like to know more about my upcoming retreat in July, email me at Also, sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know about future retreats!


Big Love,



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A Few of My Favorite Things (For Awesome Resolutions)

the inside scoop on how I am creating the magic for 2015…


The last weekend of December, I hosted a few girlfriends to set intentions for 2015 with me and to create vision boards together. I was so happy that I was creating this community where we can support each other in our goals. The funny thing was, though, I felt totally blocked in setting my own intentions! I did some powerful reflecting, closing out 2014 with a bang. But when I went to complete my vision board and to really set my goals for 2015, I just kept hearing this voice that said,

“You’re not dreaming big enough.

This doesn’t thrill you yet. Keep searching. Keep asking”.

So there I was, hosting everything, and I didn’t finish any of the exercises that I prepared for everyone else!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve opened myself up to dreaming bigger, listening for what THRILLs me, and finding goals that really juiced me up. Here’s some of my favorite things that have helped.

1) Getting Out of My Head and into my Heart.

I found the goals that come from my head are just not going to inspire me like goals that come from my heart. Close your eyes put your hands over your heart. Breathe into that space and ask yourself,

“How can I step into the highest version of myself this year?

What does the highest version of myself want to do in this year?

What is my heart calling me to step into?”

2) How Do You Want To Feel??????

At the end of the year, many of the goals that we are setting, we choose because we are imagining that they will make us feel _(a good)__ emotion. We believe that if we achieve something, then we will feel happy, fulfilled, confident, loved, acceptance, peace. The truth is, that many of our goals are in Service of chasing after an emotion that we desire to feel. For me, one of the most powerful things that I have done is to choose words that inspire my actions now and my emotions now. Ask yourself,

“How do I want to feel now? How do I want to feel the end of the year?

Is what I’m doing and feeling now serving me? Can I start feeling those feelings today?

Can I call something in right now to feel those feelings?

This year, I am calling up Grace, Ease, and Flow.

3) Putting Away the HOW for Just a Little While

This one was tough for me, and it might be tough for you. The minute I would start to dream of something BIG, I would hear a voice: “Well, I don’t know how to make that happen, so let me think a little more practically.” What did that lead to? Boring goals, and unfinished vision boards. Well…. . It took a Herculean effort on my part, but I told myself, “Paige, you can do this. Stop listening to the HOW’s for an hour for one hour. Just dream as if you knew you could succeed. I came up with some pretty exciting stuff. And then, The Universe has been responding by letting me with answers and support and people telling me how. 😉 I didn’t ask for it, it was just there waiting for me. I dare you to try this.

If you knew you would succeed and that you would always be taken care of,

what would your absolute highest dream be?

4) Guided Journaling. I used this really awesome journaling tool that my friend Erin recommended to me: Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead Workbook.

5) I shared my dreams, and I set myself up with accountability with other people who I respect.

This is key. Sharing your dreams with the universe that you really want it, and sharing it with other people keeps you accountable. Life gets so distracting sometimes, other people help us stay focused and when you’re accountable to someone else, you are more likely to get it. This is why we have accountability partners in my Buti Camp program. She holds your dream for you and you hold hers for her. You support each other, she’s got your back, and you’ve got her back, and you cheer each other on when you have little victories. There’s so much power in it.

Who can you create accountability with in your life?

If you’re craving even more support, from sisters or a coach, perhaps it’s time to take your 2015 success to a new level. If you’re ready to be fit this year, and if it’s important to you to fill up your cup so that you feel full and juicy, radiant and confident, I urge you to consider Buti Camp: The 2015 Sexy Reset & Sisterhood. If you are ready for this, email me, and we’ll make sure it’s a great fit for you, specifically.

Connect with your heart

Choose how you feel

Release the How’s

Dream Big

Write about it

Tell people about it

Get supported

And give and receive lots of love! 🙂

Big love to you,


Live Drumming BUTI & More! 2015 Kick Off Week!

2015 Kick-Off Three Epic classes!


Live Drumming BUTI & More! 2015 Kick Off Week!

?Wow, We’ve got an EPIC start to 2015 for you! Talk about honoring those resolutions with a BUTI BANG! Once Buti-Camp starts, there’ll be much fewer special classes for a few weeks or so, so get in on it while you can! 🙂

?Sunday – REEBOK FitHub presents BUTI BRUNCHIt’s FREE. Sign up >> HERE.

A lil 7/11 choreography, a lot of BUTI Yoga goodness!

?Beyonce… and Buti… equals Bliss. ;)?

Join us >>HERE.


Tues – Regular BUTI Yoga classes

5:30-6:30 PM at Atmananda Yoga, 18th & Irving Place

7:30-8:30 PM at Yoga Studio at Crunch, 54th & Broadway

and then next week…


Wed 1/14 — LIVE DRUMMING BUTI !!! —

?Sure to sell out. Reserve your spot  >> HERE. <<

This will honor the “reset” them of the next Buti Camp.

We’ll RESET our minds, our bodies, our energy by releasing the old, giving it up to the drums and to the movement. We’ll get out of our heads, into our hearts! Exhale the old, embody the new! Here we come 2015!

Then the following week after MLK Holiday, especially designed for your New Year’s resolutions….

— Buti Camp: The 2015 Sexy Reset begins —

>> Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset <<

It’s going to be such a nourishing six-weeks, you won’t even believe the weight loss you’ll experience in the program!

We’ll be resetting our bodies, energy and mind – through the powerful BUTI Yoga workout, and so much more. With the support of community, we’ll awaken your second chakra – the seat of passion, pleasure, creativity, sexiness, sweetness, indulgence, recharging, filling up

–  all so that even when you’re snuggling under the covers, you’re feeling sassy, confident and vital.

It’s kidney season in January, time to reset & reboot, and we’re always stuck under layers feeling frumpy and hiding out. Then the feelings of apathy, and hibernation and SAD sink in, and we feel like we’re swimming upstream to keep our New Year’s Resolutions. This program will support you in multiple ways to >> keep your resolutions, recharge your batteries, pleasurably exercise, and stay motivated despite the winter blues. <<

If doing all of that, with an in-person community to support you for six weeks sounds like the answer to your New Year’s Resolution prayers, >> come join us.

See you this week, and for Buti Camp Bliss!! Come join the tribe of confident, sassy, fit, energized warrior goddesses!

Much love,


>>>>Links recap below…

Sunday – REEBOK FitHub hosts BUTI BRUNCH

Sign up >> HERE.

Monday Jan 5th  – BEYONCE & BUTI : 7/11 EDITION ?

Join us >>HERE.

Wed Jan 14th – LIVE DRUMMING BUTI !!!

?Sure to sell out. Reserve your spot  >> HERE. <<

SIX WEEK Weight-Loss PROGRAM: Click here >> Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset << to learn how you can take care of your fitness, your energy, your confidence, your body and your spirit, in this 6-week program to kick-off 2015!

Relight & Recharge: Candle lit Yoga, Meditation & Inspiration NYC


Relight & Recharge: Candle lit Yoga, Meditation & Inspiration

You’re invited to Relight & Recharge, a peaceful evening to “re-light your candle” which is typically burning at both ends this time of year. Yoga, Meditation, & Conversation will all happen in the warm glow of candelight.

The evening will take place in midtown at Ziva Meditation (252 W 38th St)

Come by yourself or bring a friend, and leave feeling totally restored.

Tickets HERE $25, use discount code FRIENDSLOVE to get $5 off. 


New Year Weight Loss Buti Yoga NYC Workout Program

Paige's Buti Camp New Banner

Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset

If you’re ready loose weight and feel sexy in 2015, here’s the program to help you do it.


Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset will help you lose weight, transform your body, create healthy habits,  and awaken your Sexiness from winter slumber.

This six-week program sets you up for sexiness and success on multiple levels: 1) Physical, 2) Energetic and 3) Emotional, with SO MUCH support. Read below for how, or watch this 2-min video to see why BUTI is transforming women’s lives all over the world.


The centerpiece of the Buti Camp is the BUTI Yoga class each time we meet – a powerful combination of hatha and kundalini yoga, tribal-inspired dance sequences and powerful plyometric training.

In addition to that, we have a focus each week:


1: * Reset & Reboot  *

2: * Awakening the Second Chakra Sweetness *

3: * Charging Your Body’s Batteries: Vitality in the Winter*

4: *From Sweatpants to winter Sexiness & Sass *  (BYO-BFF Night!!!)

5: * Sacred & Sassy – Embodying Your Light  *

6:  * LIVE Drum Buti Night! Out of our heads and into the beat! *

6: * Buti-Camp Graduation & Celebration *


Jan 12th – Mon * Reset & Reboot *

Start your New Year with support, juiciness and inspiration. Goals that feel like indulgences, and support from your accountability partner, the group, and me. 😉 Also, introduction to the chakras, and how they are key to helping you realized energy, health, focus, and sexiness in 2015.

Jan 14th – Wed – Your exercises for resetting and rebooting this week, connecting with a vision for yourself that makes you tingle, toes to tip of your head.



Jan 19th – Mon  * Awakening the Second Chakra Sweetness *

Seat of passion, sweetness, indulgence, pleasure, creativity, recharging, filling up. It’s time to indulge in activities that make us feel pampered!

Jan 21st – Wed –  Weekend indulgences for weight-loss, energy and self-appreciation. Exercises for pampering, and filling up your cup, so that it runneth over with energy. 🙂



Jan 26th – Mon * Charging Your Body’s Batteries: Vitality in the Winter*

It’s kidney season in January, time to reset, reboot, and fill up your batteries. These exercise will help you feel juicy, even during dark days, and even when you’re under the covers.

Jan 28th – Wed – How to recharge your batteries and keep moving and motivated despite the winter blues.



Feb 2nd – Mon –  * BFF Night * From Sweatpants to winter Sexiness & Sass *

Sharing some unconventional tips for upping the sexiness and sass this week. Get out of the sweatpants, and into the sexiness & sass! Even under the layers, you’re still feeling healthy and sexy.

Feb 4th – Wed – Continued focus on receiving nourishment and feeling sexy in winter.



Feb 9th – Mon – * Sacred & Sassy – Embodying Your Light  *

Align with the Divine Within. Tapping into the un-ending energy source that’s always available to you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Feb 11th – Wed – Exercises for receiving your inner light.


Feb 16th – Mon * LIVE Drum Buti Night! Out of our heads and into the beat! *

Let the drums connect you with energy you didn’t know was in you and carry you to sweaty, heart-pumping bliss.


Feb 18th – Wed * Buti-Camp Graduation & Celebration *

Post-camp reflection, celebration, dinner and mingling!

Physical Benefits:

  • The Perfect Workout: Burn 500-1000 cal per workout due to Buti Yoga’s unique combination of yoga, tribal dance and plyometric exercises (and a lil booty-shakin) – which guarantee a FUN workout plus intense physical results.
  • Total-body toning, lengthening and strengthening of your muscles, and weight loss through this proven method.
  • It will make you DRIP with SWEAT! Bring on the HEAT during the winter months! It’s your dance party cardio, plus arm-quivering strength exercises, combined with powerful yoga practice to open your chakras.


Energetic Benefits

  • Since it’s the winter, we will focus on exercises to balance and awaken your second chakra – the seat of passion, pleasure, creativity, sexiness, sweetness, indulgence, recharging, filling up –  all so that even when you’re snuggling under the covers, you’re feeling sexy and healthy.
  • It’s kidney season in January, time to reset & reboot,and we’re always stuck under layers feeling frumpy and hiding out. These exercise will help you feel juicy, full of energy, deliciousness even during dark days. These exercises will also help you to recharge your batteries and keep moving and motivated despite the winter blues.


Emotional Benefits

  • This sets you up for success in keeping your New Year’s resolution to make fitness and exercise a JOYFUL part of your life!
  • It’s fun, so you’ll actually want to come back and crave the stress release in between classes.
  • It’s scheduled commitment, which is key to successfully building and exercise habit. Once it’s in there, you don’t even have to think about it.


  • You’ll have the support of your sisters – a like-minded community who’s all committing to the same thing together.
  • You’ll also have the support of your Accountability Partner, another woman dedicated to making 2015 her sexiest most fit year yet.


Plus, even MORE Support:

  • You’ll receive Daily Diva emails from me during the week to support you in bringing your Sexy back in 2015, especially through chakra-work.


These are bite sized actions that that lead to big changes.=

Small consistent actions = Big lasting results

Who is this for?

  • If you succeed with the support of others and have fun working out in groups, I created this program for you.
  • If you like to have dance parties, do a yoga practice, and get strong, toned and fit – then this is the perfect workout combo you’ve been looking for.
  • AND, if you want a workout with real HEART, SOUL, and loving SUPPORT – this is what I’m offering to you.


There’s really nothing like it in New York City.


And this year, it got even better…

NEW! Nutrition Program (optional):

I’ve partnered with weight-loss coach Maria Marlowe to add-on an incredibly powerful and effective nutrition-based weight loss program!

The Maria Marlowe Method teaches you exactly how to eat to slim your body, naturally boost your energy, create flawless skin, and importantly, become the healthiest version of you.

Starting in conjunction with Buti Camp, her first 6-week program takes place Wednesday nights, right after my Buti Yoga class (workout from 6:45 to 7:50 PM, Maria’s program from 8:00 to 9:00PM). We partnered together because we want to give you the best nutrition information and instruction, so that when you put together the workouts with the nutrition your transformation will be incredible!

Plus, we both believe in making your wellness journey fun, bringing joy and sisterhood into your life, and setting you up with healthy habits that last.

How do you want to kick off 2015?

Whether you choose to do solely my Buti Yoga program, or sign up for Maria’s nutrition program as well, you will lose weight, transform your body and your spirit, get out of your winter blues and into your sexiest self for 2015! Plus, you’ll have an amazing time and leave with sisters and friends!

*Weight-loss is dependent on a number of factors, including starting weight and how closely you follow the program. Results are not guaranteed.


What you’ll receive as part of Paige’s Buti Camp:

–   Twice per week Buti Yoga workout classes!

–   Daily Diva Email Inspirations with simple actions for Sexy Reset

–   Support: from the tribe, your Accountability Partner, and Me


Plus, if you’re dedicated to the program,

you’ll also get the RESULTS that you’re desiring for 2015:

  • Feeling sexy and recharged

  • Weight-loss,  muscle-tone,  loosing inches

  • Renewed energy and vitality

  • Chakra cleansing and balancing exercises

  • Deep-rooted confidence

  • Stress-release

  • HABIT of healthy practices to carry you through the year 🙂




Buti Camp:Monday & Wednesday evenings 6:45-8:00 PM

Begins Monday 1/12, ends Wed 2/18

*No class MLK Jr Day 1/19 – Moving class to Friday of that week.

Nutrition Program: Wednesday evenings 8:00-9:00 PM



Pearl Studios

519 Eighth Ave, btw 35th & 36th





What Buti Camp students are saying:

You don’t know how much this is changing my life. For the first time, I look in the mirror and like what I see. I just bought my first bikini! And I actually like the way I look!! If this is only half-way through Buti Camp, I can only imagine what is going to happen. Thank you.

– Fernanda A.



It honestly changed how I thought and felt about myself. It might have been the weight loss, it might have been the awesome women I was around twice a week for six weeks, but I started feeling less self-conscious. I felt more confident, sexy and strong than ever. These feelings were fermented when I came to class and was surrounded with vibrant feminine energy by women who truly embodied the warrior goddess spirit.

If you are looking to take an exercise class to lose weight, take this class because you get so much more. You’ll leave class feeling lighter, both physically and emotionally. There have been many times I’ve come to this class upset or worried about something and have come out with a smile on my face. This class does change your body and it’s an excellent workout, but what really makes this class worth it, is the positive energy, mindset, and spirit you gain coming out of it.

-Sunita M.



What I love about Buti Yoga is I am being transformed from the inside out. I didn’t expect that. I just wanted an awesome body and workout to some great music. But I got more. I’m learning to regain control back into my life and learning to enjoy life again on my terms!! Priceless!

Before I was so stressed out and had no release! Today I know how to breathe (that breath of fire can make you sweat!!) and take the negativity & redirect my thoughts which has helped me with stress.

– Janet R.



I walk out of your class feeling like a new woman! It’s incredible how that empowerment overflows on to so many other areas of your life!  Buti Yoga for life! It was meant to be. My transformation will not be a size, it will be from the inside out, where my light will shine anywhere I am!!!

Light. Love. Life. Xoxo amazing class

– Annie E.



You helped me see the goddess within me. I felt beautiful for the first time in a really long time. And you helped me with that. Thanks for that class. YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD CHICA!!!!

– Nikki W.



Join our Tribe and Thrive!



Option 1: Paige’s Buti Yoga Camp Only

Paige’s Buti Camp – (6 weeks, Mon & Wed evenings) –  $475

Purchase HERE on Square Market Place.


Option 2: Buti Camp + Nutrition

Purchase both classes together and save!

MMM Nutrition Class (Wed eve) + Paige’s Buti Yoga Camp (Mon & Wed eve)

6 sessions Nutrition: $275

12 sessions Buti Yoga: $475

TOTAL $675  (Regularly $750 – savings of $75 or 10%)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: TOTAL  $638 (Regularly $750- savings of $112.50 or 15%) when purchased before Sunday December 14th.

Purchase  HERE on Square Market


Option 3: Buti Camp + Nutrition Payment Plan

If purchasing both classes, you will save $50 when you opt to pay in two monthly installments.

2 payments of $350 (Total of $700)Purchase Here on PayPal


Option 4: Buti Camp ONLY Payment Plan

3 payments of $165 (Total of $495) Purchase Here on PayPal


In the New Year weight loss is many people’s goal. This is the easy way for you to do it! Give yourself this Sexy Reset for 2015. Here’s to your healthy, sexy 2015!

buti yoga testimonials

After just 6-weeks of Buti Camp workouts and chakra program, no diet program.



 Join our tribe and thrive! Reserve your spot in Paige’s Buti Camp: 2015 Sexy Reset HERE.


4 Tips for a Flat Belly this Thanksgiving!

flat belly thanksgiving

Have your Thanksgiving Goodies, and your Health & Happiness Too!

4 Tips for a Flat Belly this Thanksgiving!

Perhaps like me, you’ve resolved over and over again “This Thanksgiving is going to be different. I swear I’m not going to over-stuff myself! Stuffing is for Turkeys not for me.”

Or, “I really just want to stay fit for my Little Black Dress, and not blow all my hard work.” At the same time, however, there’s a voice that says, “BUT I WANT TO ENJOY THANKSGIVING! Let’s have fun!!”

So, what can you do to satisfy both of those intentions?

Here are my tips for how to have that FUN while also keeping your belly happy and fit:

1) 1 Plate, not 3. Be generous with yourself on your first plate. Load yourself up with a generous portion of the things you love, and make sure you also have veggies so that you’ll feel full from all that fiber. Protein is great too, to make sure you’re feeling full for a long time.

2) Chew. Chew. Chew some more. – Until your food is liquid, actually. Chewing is the first step of digestion, and it’s very important (since your stomach doesn’t have teeth and all). It means that you will FEEL: energized after your meal (goodbye food comas), fuller faster, more satisfaction and enjoyment, more registering in your body of fullness with less food, luxuriating in your meal. When you chew with mindful presence, you really enjoy each bite; it prevents that phenomenon of feeling like “Whoa. Did I just eat all that?! Where did it all go?”
Plus, chewing can completely eliminate digestive issues in your every day life, from bloating to irregularity. It’s truly a habit that can transform your health.

3) Be like the svelte French women. Indulge in decadent pies, etc, just enjoy 3 bites, rather than 3 pieces. Chew. Enjoy. Luxuriate. Indulge with all your senses. In moderation. Make those three bites more enjoyable for you than anyone else is having at that dinner table. That’s a main concept behind

4) Give gratitude together: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to ask each person to share what they are grateful for around the table as we sit down to eat. This brings everyone together in the spirit of the holiday, and it’s the most joyful, fun, and heartfelt part of the day for me. Also, by taking time to share one person at a time, it really settles you into the meal and into enjoying your food so that you’re eating mindfully, as opposed to chowing down mindlessly.

BONUS! Do this breath and ab work exercise every day over the holiday weekend: Nauli Kriya Exercises on YouTube. It’s one of the Buti community’s favorites because it keeps your digestion moving, your abs toning, your organs cleansing, and your belly flat.

Have a great Thanksgiving week that’s fun and healthy too!! Come join me in class on Tuesday after Thanksgiving to do some good post-holiday detox and workouts. Details below.

With gratitude for you,

P.S. Use these tips for enjoying your leftovers too! 😉


Drop-in Tues BUTI Yoga ClassesTues 5:30-6:30 PM 
Atmananda Yoga Studio, 67 Irving Place, btw 18th & 19th St.  $20 Drop-in rate

Tues 7:30-8:30 PM 
Yoga Studio atCrunch Gym, 250 W 54th St
Between Broadway & 8th Ave. $35 drop-in rate

Reebok Presents: Buti Yoga Night! At Reebok FitHub in NYC!
Wed Dec 17th – 6:30-7:30 PM

Free Buti Yoga class. Followed by a shopping spree and refreshments from Purity Organics. Come sweat & shop with us!

Flat Belly Detox Class: PRE – Thanksgiving Buti Yoga


Flat Belly Detox Class

Pre-Thanksgiving Buti Yoga

You’re invited to a special pre-Thanksgiving Flat Belly & Full Heart class. You will leave with a 7-min series (and video!) that you can do at home over the holiday week to keep your flat belly!


This class will be a mega calorie-scorcher and fat-burner, and it will end with a grounding Gratitude meditation in honor of the holiday to fill your heart.


The 7-min series (and vid) will include:

*  yoga poses for a flat belly: digestion, ab muscles, and detox

*  total body toning high impact moves

*  Grounding pose of gratitude to honor the week!


Date: Monday 11/24

6:45 PM – 8:00 PM


Location: Pearl Studios

519 8th Ave, btw 35th & 36th, 12th Fl


Fee: Only $20


Register: Click HERE <<<<3


There is so MUCH for us to be thankful for! Let’s workout and give thanks together!

Have a wonderful holiday week!

Love, Paige

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