4 habits to be foxy in your Little Black Dress this holiday season


4 habits to be foxy in your Little Black Dress this holiday season


I know it seems early to be writing about the holidays, but I really do want to support you in looking and feeling FOXY this holiday season, and the best way to guarantee you’ll be healthy and hott is to start forming healthy habits BEFORE things get crazy.

So read on for my 4 habits for Little Black Dress readiness below that will guarantee you’re having the best holiday season you’ve had yet, and read on to see how I’ve designed a new special rendition ofHoliday Buti Camp to help you accomplish these habits with ease! 🙂


Unfortunately, the holidays are an overwhelming time when our fitness and health tends to take a back seat — not to mention the total upheaval of our healthy eating habits.  It’s around this time we feel we’ve been set up! How can we survive all of this while still fitting into our sassy Little Black Dresses???


For as long as I can remember, the holidays meant the same old patterns: overeating, over-drinking, under-sleeping, shoving myself around from event to event, gaining weight, AND topping it all of with getting sick on January 2nd when my body finally gave in. Yuck!


Well, let me just tell you – NO MORE of that nonsense!!


Last year I made a commitment to myself to stay balanced, emotionally and physically, and I want to share with you just how I did that.  I want to give you tangible action tips that you can actually utilize this holiday season.


First piece of advice? Start creating these habits NOW so that they are ingrained and easy peasy lemon squeezy when the holiday frenzy begins!




#1: Create a regular workout routine that you really LOVE.


Make it FUN and a part of your lifestyle so that it’s a non-negotiable. Make plans around your workout. Make this time for yourself a priority. This will keep you fitting into your Little Black Dress, and, more importantly keep you sane so that you can actually have fun at all the holiday parties.


WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT?!?! If you’re not exercising, your mood is going to plummet while your waistline, well, does the opposite of plummet.


Make it a priority now to pick a routine that you are going to stick with because you love it, like luuuuuuuvve it and you just feel so happy and wonderful afterwards. Think of this commitment to a workout routine as the best gift you’re giving this holiday season – and it’s for yourself!
This is exactly the reason why I created Buti Camp progams: you prevent yourself from making excuses or getting distracted from your health and fitness because you make a commitment to yourself and your health before the craziness starts.
#2:  Get enough sleep.


This could be a blog post on it own, and it is absolutely going to be one of the pillars of the Holiday Buti Camp .


Basically, to summarize the recent studies and to recall old wisdom on the subject: sleeping enough helps you to keep off weight, stay healthy, and stay happy. When you don’t sleep enough, you crave (and eat) more starchy and sugary foods, have diminished cognitive function, and your body struggles more with stabilizing your hormones and your mood. Sounds pretty brutal, right? Shower yourself with at least 7 hours of sleep each night this season.
#3: Incorporate activity into your holiday festivities.


For example, go to a place with dancing or bowling as a part of your activity rather than just sitting in a bar. Instead of meeting up for that holiday eggnog, meet up for a stroll through the park….(and if you just have to bring the eggnog, that’s cool too).
#4:  Do it with lots of good support!  Healthy habits are SOmuch easier in a community.


Research shows that it’s easier to create healthy habits when you have the support of a group.  Joining a community that’s dedicated to a healthy lifestyle (and getting rid of those pesky naysayers!) is oftenthe key determining factor in accomplishing your goals.


Did you know you are much more likely to succeed when you share with your family/coworkers/friends that you are doing a program and why it’s important to you? Also, having regular check-ins with your friends who are on the same track or a teacher/trainer/coach will maximize your results!


This is another key reason I created Buti Camp , so that you can have that support built-in, making it so much easier for you. 🙂


Seem like a lot? Well, that’s why I’m sending you this email NOW: try to master one of these things at a time so that when the holidays are here, you’ll already be in the habit of being healthy & hot.


In Holiday Buti Camp, we’ll be tackling these goals and creating these habitstogether.


We will be a tribe of sassy femmes on a mission to stay fit for our Little Black Dresses and stay joyous for all the holiday festivities to come!

Join us now if this will be your simple solution to staying HOT for the holidays.  


DISCLAIMER: I realize that the holidays are NOT the time to be working for a bikini body —

which is exactly why this Holiday Buti Camp is so different!


The holidays are time for fun, festivity, friends, family, and community. Yes, my mission is to help you be healthy and happy, and yes, I want to keep you fit and sane during this holiday season. I am also realistic about this time of the year. This Buti Camp was designed to help you have fun and K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sexy). 🙂

Join us in Holiday Buti Camp for sweat, sass, sisterhood, and PLAY and let’s make this the best Little Black Dress season yet!


With Much LOVE,




unnamedHoliday Buti Camp: Healthy & Hot!

Starts Mon 11/3 with a LIVE DRUM Partay!
* Keep your fabulous figure for that Little Black Dress
* Release your stress
* Recharge your batteries with community, LOVE and FUN (hugs are drugs)
* Simplify your food choices
* Indulge in parties guilt-free
* Stay fit: in a fun, sexy, sassy and empowering way
Reserve your spot in the tribe here!

your simple plan for staying healthy & fit during the holidays

your simple plan for staying healthy & fit during the holidays

buti yoga new york holiday

Join our tribe and thrive. Stay happy, healthy & fit this Holiday season with Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp!

The holidays. Oh, the holidays.

We all know Holiday season is the busiest time of the year with opportunities to get overwhelmed around every corner. Think dessert, gift giving, parties, cocktails, dessert, family, snow, did I mention dessert???  The cycle of binge eating and guilt and stress during the holidays followed by punishing wellness plans at the New Year is out-dated. It’s time for a wellness lifestyle makeover.

Luckily, I have designed a special Buti Yoga New York program specifically for your needs during the holiday season. This Holiday Buti Camp is an opportunity to DEFLECT all of that madness keeping your fitness fun and simple.

Here’s my intention for you:

Be the life of the parties you attend, and let your friends ask,

“What are you doing? You are glowing!”

This holiday season, you’ll be

Happy, Healthy, Fit and Stress-Free.

And full of

Light, Laughter and Love!


And here’s how this is going to happen for you:

Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp NYC: Healthy, Happy & Fit for the Holidays!

All of the details are on the Eventbrite Registration page HERE, and here’s a summary of why you’d want to join us for your Buti Yoga New York workouts during this holiday season.

You will GIVE YOURSELF A GIFT this season with a program and community where you will:

–          Release your stress

–          Recharge your batteries with community, LOVE and FUN (hugs are drugs)

–          Keep your fabulous figure for all those holiday party outfits

–          Simplify your food choices

–          Indulge in parties guilt-free

–          Stay fit   –   in a fun, sexy, sassy and empowering way


How is joining my Holiday Buti Camp the easiest choice you’ll make this season?

–          Joining this program = taking care of  your fitness needs for the holiday season.

–         Each Buti Yoga Class = ONE simple focus for bringing out the best YOU this season.

–         Got daily stress? = Leave it at the door! Walk out of class rejuvenated with energy and vitality!

–         Every Daily Diva Inspiration email = ONE simple action you can take to change your mindset, your health, and your day in a BIG way.


With a focus on Giving, Giving, Giving, this will be your safe haven to Receive, Receive, Receive.

In Buti Camp, you will discover the incredible benefits of being able to give from a FULL cup – there is a difference!


By boosting your mood and metabolism with exercise, clearing your chakras with yoga and meditation, and connecting with a supportive sisterhood tribe, you’ll be showing up in your life with more energy to be the best YOU that you can be.


Get the benefits of an intense workout, a dance party, a yoga practice and time with girlfriends!


We’ll kick it off with a party of our own. I’m turning 30 on November 3rd, and it’s time for a celebration!

Paige’s Birthday Buti Yoga Bash with LIVE DRUMMING!

We’ll get grounded to our roots with the beat of the drum, out of our heads, into our hearts. Into our bodies, and into the beat of the drum. Since it’s my own personal holiday, I’m making sure we launch this Holiday Buti Camp in style!


What you’ll receive as part of Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp NYC:

–          Twice per week Buti Yoga workout classes with Paige and the tribe

–          Daily Diva Email Inspirations with one simple Diva action to achieve each day

–          Paige’s favorite holiday season health tips for navigating holiday parties, food &


–          Paige’s favorite season specific recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner

–          Fun sisterhood tribe activities each night we meet

–          Accountability and support from the Buti community and your accountability partner

[pssst: Do you know how important this is?! Working out as a group is KEY to achieving your goals!]

–          Access to Paige for in-depth continued support. (I give you my cell number upfront; I guess you could say I’m easy).


And most importantly:


Let this program simplify your holidays this year:

Forget about counting calories, rest assured that you will fit into your party dress, and approach the holidays with  energy and vitality.


If you’re thinking, “Oh thank goodness! This is just what I needed for the holidays!!!”  Join us HERE.



Monday & Wednesday evenings starting 11/3/14 – 12/10/14/  


Pearl Studios, Midtown West, 519 Eighth Ave, btw 35th & 36th

Check out all the schedule and location details on the Eventbrite Registration page HERE


Give yourself a gift this holiday season by joining the tribe at Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp. 

You know you deserve it.


Your Buti Yoga Holiday Helper,

With lots of love,




What some Buti Camp sisters are saying:

I walk out of your class feeling like a new woman! It’s incredible how that empowerment overflows on to so many other areas of your life!  Buti Yoga for life! It was meant to be. My transformation will not be a size, it will be from the inside out, where my light will shine anywhere I am!!! Light. Love. Life. Xoxo amazing class

– Annie E.


You don’t know how much this is changing my life. For the first time, I look in the mirror and like what I see. I just bought my first bikini! And I actually like the way I look!! If this is only half-way through Buti Camp, I can only imagine what is going to happen. Thank you.

– Fernanda A.


It honestly changed how I thought and felt about myself. It might have been the weight loss, it might have been the awesome women I was around twice a week for six weeks, but I started feeling less self-conscious. I felt more confident, sexy and strong than ever. These feelings were fermented when I came to class and was surrounded with vibrant feminine energy by women who truly embodied the warrior goddess spirit.

If you are looking to take an exercise class to lose weight, take this class because you get so much more. You’ll leave class feeling lighter, both physically and emotionally. There have been many times I’ve come to this class upset or worried about something and have come out with a smile on my face. This class does change your body and it’s an excellent workout, but what really makes this class worth it, is the positive energy, mindset, and spirit you gain coming out of it.

-Sunita M.


wanna try my 7 min habit for a bikini body? (my Buti Yoga students say “it’s a game changer”)

This habit changed my life, and it's a Buti-Camp secret to keeping your body fit and healthy

This habit changed my life, and it’s a Buti-Camp secret to keeping your body fit and healthy

{{ This is a re-post from the summer months. Now that I have a Buti Yoga blog, I’m re-posting some of my favorite health and wellness tips I’ve shared in the past. Enjoy!}} 

wanna try my 7 min habit for a bikini body?

this joyful habit changed my life forever

About a year and a half ago, I felt stressed, overwhelmed and constantly under the weather. I craved feeling happy, energized and connected to my body.  I needed a change, so I decided to start with one small thing.  

Imagine this: it’s first thing in the morning, and you drag your sleepy self into the sun-drenched living room to start your day with… joyful movement! You start moving, swinging, spinning, jumping, stretching, and your outlook starts to brighten and rise with the sun. Your body starts to sing hallelujah for getting the pleasure of moving joyfully first thing in the morning. You get ready and leave for your day with a spring in your step and a bright attitude!This is what I started to do, and now it’s a cornerstone of my Bikini Body Buti Camp because as one of the ButiCamp sisters says, “it’s a game changer.”If you want to have a healthy fit bikini body that you are enjoying living in, cultivate this habit:

Move your body joyfully for seven minutes every day.

Start with just seven minutes.
And every day after that, move seven minutes (at least). #everydamnday. 😉
Does this seem too simple?
Like, “Ok, Paige, thanks for the cute tip, but this is not going to get me the results that I want.”
Let me remind you, this is a habit. Habits are what define healthy successful people.  Getting a healthy body is not about a quick fix here or there, it’s about your habits. Period.
Here’s why this small habit is powerful: it reminds you how to feel good in your body every day.If you start your day with a seven minute dance party, quick jog, jumping jacks, brisk walk, a skip and a jump, or a yoga flow, you will immediately feel good.  You will remember the Truth, which is:
“Oh, wow, I love how it feels to be alive and invigorated in my body.
I want MORE of this!
I can have this at any time!”
Morning is a great time to do this because it will set the tone for the rest of your day.Once you start experiencing this, then you will automatically start to crave feeling good in your body more, so you’ll seek it out in other ways.You’ll crave more opportunities to move your body in a joyful way.
You’ll crave healthy foods.
You’ll try new social activities that get you moving your body.
You’ll try new foods that will leave you feeling light and energized!Your outlook changes, your choices change, and then your body changes! Your life changes for the better too. 😉  If you want to get in 60 minutes of joyful movement with me and the Bikini Body Buti Camp tribe – join us Monday for the last big BUTI Partay before the Fall!  Friends don’t let friends miss out – it’s the last BUTI Party with me until Sept! Bring your girl, and get summertime sweaty with us! 🙂
I hope you’ll give this seven minutes of joyful movement a try! This habit changed my life for the better in so many ways.Here’s how:1) Play some music you love. 2) Move your body however feels good for you. (yoga, dance, skipping, walking, running)

3) Keep it going for 7 min to really experience the energetic shift from blah to BAM!

4) Start your day with a skip and a smile. 😉

Remember, when your outlook changes, your choices change, and then your body changes! Your life changes for the better too. 😉

Big Love,



Want 7 minutes of inspiration?
Here’s a playlist for you to
enjoy moving to! Feel Good Now Buti Camp Playlist

how a dud date turned into a YES (+my fav de-stress tip inside)


this immediately turned a date around for the better…

There’s more to being truly healthy and radiant than food choices and regular exercise – releasing your stress is crucial to embodying your radiance!

A couple years ago, I was on a first date, and it was… uncomfortably awkward. I felt wound up and anxious. Since I couldn’t relax, our communication was strained and painful. Once we finished our drinks (juices, to be honest), he invited me to take a walk in Central Park. We took our shoes off as soon as we got to the grass, and then everything shifted. We totally relaxed into ourselves and started having a great time!

So, here is my favorite summertime stress-relief technique:

* Get your bare feet on the bare ground * 

This is actually many steps for stress relief rolled into one because if you get your bare feet on the ground then you are spending time outdoors, you’re getting mood-boosting Vitamin D from the sun, and you’re taking a pause from the craziness of your day.

Going barefoot connects you with the earth’s negative ions through your feet, which has shown health benefits including calming, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, detoxifying and synchronizing our internal clocks. Some people experience better sleep after being connected to the earth!

Negative ions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which increases awareness and mental energy and decreases drowsiness.

Near the water negative ions fill the air as well, so that helps explain why we feel so relaxed at the beach!

For your next date, suggest a park date, so you can both be your calm and confident selves!

Big Love,
P.S. Want to have a barefoot dance party? Come join me in a Buti Yoga class in NYC. If you can’t make it this week,  have a dance party on your own! Listen to my Buti Camp playlist from World Cup week for inspiration. Enjoy!!

Buti-Camp 2.0 Playlist 


Dr OZ Buti Yoga Episode Airs on Fri 10/10!

Dr. Oz: Buti Yoga episode will reveal how to get your abs back after having a baby.

Dr. Oz: Buti Yoga episode will reveal how to get your abs back after having a baby.

Dr. OZ Buti Yoga Episode Airs on Friday 10/10!

I’m so happy to announce that Dr. Oz will be featuring Buti Yoga on his show this coming Friday. This particular episode will focus specifically on “How to get your abs back after having a baby.” It’s one of the many benefits of Buti Yoga that has been seen time and time again for women all over the word and the country. Check out Bizzie’s post-partum journey before and after pictures here.

As you'll see on the Dr. Oz Buti Yoga episode, Bizzie Gold now has amazing abs, and is very strong and powerful. Even after being diagnosed with Lupus and giving birth to two children, she is actually stronger than she has ever been - all  through the Buti Yoga program she created. She's not the only one - many other women have experienced the same thing!

As you’ll see on the Dr. Oz Buti Yoga episode, Bizzie Gold now has amazing abs, and is very strong and powerful. Even after being diagnosed with Lupus and giving birth to two children, she is actually stronger than she has ever been – all through the Buti Yoga program she created. She’s not the only one – many other women have experienced the same results.

This practice truly transforms lives -from the inside out. I’m honored to be a part of a movement that is helping women to get better bodies, confidence, energy, and peace of mind. It’s my hope that any woman who sees this episode will be inspired to give a Buti Yoga class a try because I know that for some of those women, this practice will be the key that unlocks freedom in their body and in their spirit. I know that for them, Buti Yoga will be “the cure to something hidden deep within,” the meaning of the word “buti” in the Indian Marathi dialect. Huzzah for Dr Oz getting the word out there about this practice!

If you know a friend who is looking for a workout that she enjoys and loves to do, plus that will give her a very strong body, and an even stronger spirit of confidence and empowerment, tell her to tune in to the Dr Oz Buti Yoga episode on Monday. She might just be thanking you for it in the months and years to come. 🙂

If she’s in NYC, invite her to my class, and tell her to use code BUTIPAIGE for 40% off her first class with me, http://butiyoganyc.com/.

“We are moving into an era of global health consciousness. My role in this shift is to empower + educate women all over the world to lead confident lives without punishing themselves to get results. Wellness should be celebrated – not dreaded!”
– Bizzie Gold

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How a massage = a promotion (how Buti Yoga class could too)

How a massage or a Buti Yoga class in NYC could get you a promotion. Really.

How a massage or a Buti Yoga class in NYC could get you a promotion. Really. Permission to indulge below. www.butiyoganyc.com

How a massage = a promotion (permission to indulge below)

“A life without pleasure is a life without creativity or passion.
Pleasure is a wellspring for life force.”

This week in my Buti Yoga Camp program, we are focusing on balancing our second chakra (aka Svadisthana Chakra, or the Sacral Chakra). This is achieved through the specially customized Buti Yoga workouts in New York City, but it’s also supported by the actions for self-care that our Butisattava tribe members are taking outside of Buti Yoga class.

Basically, I’m encouraging all my Buti Camp tribe sisters to treat themselves to something pleasurable like a massage, a mani/pedi, a long bath, a delectable meal – and I’m encouraging them to give themselves permission to do this because it actually will help their careers

Let me explain:

The Svadistahna Chakra is the seat of Kundalini energy, and it is linked directly to your creativity, sexuality, and relationships.

Awakening your Svadisthana Chakra is KEY to boosting your creative energy and your vitality. This will awaken the VITAL energy that will carry you through all aspects of your life.

If you ever feel uninspired, lacking creativity, or like you just don’t have the vital energy that you desire, it’s likely that your Svadisthana Chakra is blocked. If it’s blocked, it’s likely that you aren’t experiencing enough pleasure in your life. 

Having pleasurable experiences is one way to balance this chakra. Experiences that really tap into the pleasure that you can derive from your five senses – touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing opens up the energy of that chakra to get it flowing again.

So here’s how a massage will get you a promotion:

When you gift yourself pleasurable experiences that unblock your Svadisthana Chakra, you unblock your creativity and your vital life force – which will make you a better employee, a better entrepreneur, a more inspired and creative person in all your roles in life.

pleasurable experience = awakening 2nd chakra  = more creativity & energy

This week, gift yourself with pleasurable experiences for the senses. Here’s some inspiration, but do what feels really juicy and indulgent to you.

What you can do to open up your Svadisthana Chakra: 

 1.   Enjoy eating something as if you haven’t eaten for days and you have a whole minute JUST dedicated to eating and enjoying this ONE bite of deliciousness.
2.   Schedule massage (even 15 min)
3.   Get yourself a mani/pedi and splurge on the foot massage
4.   Enjoy a picnic if the weather is gorgeous
5.   Take a bubble bath with essential oils
6.   Exercise in a way that you really LOVE that makes you feel great in your body (like taking a Buti Yoga class in NYC with me 😉
What’s especially cool about this is one that if you find a really fun workout class that you LOVE, then it’s accomplishes multiple goals at the same time – you are enjoying a pleasurable experience, and balancing that second chakra, and you’re also getting the many many benefits of exercise!
In the end, anything that you do that’s truly pleasurable and enjoyable for you will have the result of unlocking the creative energy sitting in your second chakra (even something like a workout class). The most important thing is that you truly enjoy it. 

If you have a hard time giving yourself this little gift, hear me in your mind saying, “You are basically required to do this to be your most creative energized self. It will help your career, and all aspects of your life! I give you permission!”

There’s lots more to understand about the second chakra, and you can always learn more on your own or in my Bikini Body Buti-Camp, where we do Buti Yoga class in NYC specifically for each chakra, Plus I educate the tribe on things to do outside of class to keep balancing those chakras – just like this. Here’s a little video I like too, if you want to learn more: http://youtu.be/FacgymhY_ww

My parting thought:

This is about feeling good – make it something you really enjoy. We all deserve to feel awake and alive. I’m passionate about helping people do that in their lives every day. 

Share this and  invite a friend to join you – maybe it will inspire her to take great care of herself too!

Big Love,

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