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Dr OZ Buti Yoga Episode Airs on Fri 10/10!

Dr. OZ Buti Yoga Episode Airs on Friday 10/10! I’m so happy to announce that Dr. Oz will be featuring Buti Yoga on his show this coming Friday. This particular episode will focus specifically on “How to get your abs back after having a baby.” It’s one of the many benefits of Buti Yoga that has […]

How a massage = a promotion (how Buti Yoga class could too)

How a massage = a promotion (permission to indulge below) “A life without pleasure is a life without creativity or passion. Pleasure is a wellspring for life force.” This week in my Buti Yoga Camp program, we are focusing on balancing our second chakra (aka Svadisthana Chakra, or the Sacral Chakra). This is achieved through the specially […]