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Buti Yoga Pop-Up Classes in Central Park

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”  – Laura Ingalls Wilder   It’s SUMMER! We all deserve to be outside for the summer, to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, vibrant greenery, and beautiful views! That’s why I’ve decided to host a special series of 4 POP-Up outdoor classes in […]

Buti Yoga NYC — New Class Schedule

Summer bodies are made in class. The people who look and feel amazing during the summer months – well, that is no accident – they put in the time to get their bodies looking and feeling like that! Hopefully for them though, they’ve found an activity they love, like Buti, so that it’s something they […]

Buti Yoga Retreats

How often do you fill up your “tank” so that you really GLOW? How often do you feel like you are overflowing with energy and gratitude for your life? Do you have an exciting vision for your life and clear steps on how you want to manifest it? When’s the last time that you did […]

Live Drumming BUTI & More! 2015 Kick Off Week!

2015 Kick-Off Three Epic classes! Live Drumming BUTI & More! 2015 Kick Off Week! ?Wow, We’ve got an EPIC start to 2015 for you! Talk about honoring those resolutions with a BUTI BANG! Once Buti-Camp starts, there’ll be much fewer special classes for a few weeks or so, so get in on it while you can! […]

New Year Weight Loss Buti Yoga NYC Workout Program

Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset If you’re ready loose weight and feel sexy in 2015, here’s the program to help you do it.   Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset will help you lose weight, transform your body, create healthy habits,  and awaken your Sexiness from winter slumber. This six-week program sets […]

4 Tips for a Flat Belly this Thanksgiving!

4 Tips for a Flat Belly this Thanksgiving! Perhaps like me, you’ve resolved over and over again “This Thanksgiving is going to be different. I swear I’m not going to over-stuff myself! Stuffing is for Turkeys not for me.” Or, “I really just want to stay fit for my Little Black Dress, and not blow […]