Buti Yoga Retreats

Announcing Buti Yoga weekend retreats!

How often do you fill up your “tank” so that you really GLOW?

How often do you feel like you are overflowing with energy and gratitude for your life?

Do you have an exciting vision for your life and clear steps on how you want to manifest it?

When’s the last time that you did a vegan organic whole foods detox (um, yeah right Paige)?

When’s the last time that you surrounded yourself with amazing women for a whole weekend?

If you’re struggling to answer some of those questions, then you may be just as excited as I am to hear about my latest offering — weekend retreats!

I’ve started hosting retreats because I want to serve you on a deeper level. There is so much we can do — you can release, shift, and transform yourself in one weekend — and your life will change forever.

The first Weekend Goddess Yoga Immersion in the Catskills was full of Buti Yoga, manifesting & goal-setting workshops, pleasurable detox, chakra cleansing and balancing, sister circles & bonfires, goddess card readings, play, food, yoga workshops, daily practices to align with your divine spirit and radiance, plus fresh air, nature, pampering and sisterhood.

You deserve to feel like you have a full “tank,” an exciting vision for your life, a healthy body, and a thriving sisterhood, and I’m inviting you to the next weekend workshop to do just that. My next retreat will be this summer at a beachside location accessible by NYC public transit…far enough from the city to really get away, but close enough to slip away easily.

Sometimes, you need a break to reset, refocus, and manifest the life of your dreams. Cleanse your chakras, your body, your energy, your mind — and woman, you will show up with a full heart to the rest of your life — a new woman!

Don’t you think that the other women in your life deserve to feel great? You deserve it too.

If you’d like to know more about my upcoming retreat in July, email me at paige.welborn@gmail.com. Also, sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know about future retreats!


Big Love,


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