A Few of My Favorite Things (For Awesome Resolutions)

the inside scoop on how I am creating the magic for 2015…


The last weekend of December, I hosted a few girlfriends to set intentions for 2015 with me and to create vision boards together. I was so happy that I was creating this community where we can support each other in our goals. The funny thing was, though, I felt totally blocked in setting my own intentions! I did some powerful reflecting, closing out 2014 with a bang. But when I went to complete my vision board and to really set my goals for 2015, I just kept hearing this voice that said,

“You’re not dreaming big enough.

This doesn’t thrill you yet. Keep searching. Keep asking”.

So there I was, hosting everything, and I didn’t finish any of the exercises that I prepared for everyone else!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve opened myself up to dreaming bigger, listening for what THRILLs me, and finding goals that really juiced me up. Here’s some of my favorite things that have helped.

1) Getting Out of My Head and into my Heart.

I found the goals that come from my head are just not going to inspire me like goals that come from my heart. Close your eyes put your hands over your heart. Breathe into that space and ask yourself,

“How can I step into the highest version of myself this year?

What does the highest version of myself want to do in this year?

What is my heart calling me to step into?”

2) How Do You Want To Feel??????

At the end of the year, many of the goals that we are setting, we choose because we are imagining that they will make us feel _(a good)__ emotion. We believe that if we achieve something, then we will feel happy, fulfilled, confident, loved, acceptance, peace. The truth is, that many of our goals are in Service of chasing after an emotion that we desire to feel. For me, one of the most powerful things that I have done is to choose words that inspire my actions now and my emotions now. Ask yourself,

“How do I want to feel now? How do I want to feel the end of the year?

Is what I’m doing and feeling now serving me? Can I start feeling those feelings today?

Can I call something in right now to feel those feelings?

This year, I am calling up Grace, Ease, and Flow.

3) Putting Away the HOW for Just a Little While

This one was tough for me, and it might be tough for you. The minute I would start to dream of something BIG, I would hear a voice: “Well, I don’t know how to make that happen, so let me think a little more practically.” What did that lead to? Boring goals, and unfinished vision boards. Well…. . It took a Herculean effort on my part, but I told myself, “Paige, you can do this. Stop listening to the HOW’s for an hour for one hour. Just dream as if you knew you could succeed. I came up with some pretty exciting stuff. And then, The Universe has been responding by letting me with answers and support and people telling me how. 😉 I didn’t ask for it, it was just there waiting for me. I dare you to try this.

If you knew you would succeed and that you would always be taken care of,

what would your absolute highest dream be?

4) Guided Journaling. I used this really awesome journaling tool that my friend Erin recommended to me: Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead Workbook.

5) I shared my dreams, and I set myself up with accountability with other people who I respect.

This is key. Sharing your dreams with the universe that you really want it, and sharing it with other people keeps you accountable. Life gets so distracting sometimes, other people help us stay focused and when you’re accountable to someone else, you are more likely to get it. This is why we have accountability partners in my Buti Camp program. She holds your dream for you and you hold hers for her. You support each other, she’s got your back, and you’ve got her back, and you cheer each other on when you have little victories. There’s so much power in it.

Who can you create accountability with in your life?

If you’re craving even more support, from sisters or a coach, perhaps it’s time to take your 2015 success to a new level. If you’re ready to be fit this year, and if it’s important to you to fill up your cup so that you feel full and juicy, radiant and confident, I urge you to consider Buti Camp: The 2015 Sexy Reset & Sisterhood. If you are ready for this, email me, and we’ll make sure it’s a great fit for you, specifically.

Connect with your heart

Choose how you feel

Release the How’s

Dream Big

Write about it

Tell people about it

Get supported

And give and receive lots of love! 🙂

Big love to you,


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