Live Drumming BUTI & More! 2015 Kick Off Week!

2015 Kick-Off Three Epic classes!


Live Drumming BUTI & More! 2015 Kick Off Week!

?Wow, We’ve got an EPIC start to 2015 for you! Talk about honoring those resolutions with a BUTI BANG! Once Buti-Camp starts, there’ll be much fewer special classes for a few weeks or so, so get in on it while you can! 🙂

?Sunday – REEBOK FitHub presents BUTI BRUNCHIt’s FREE. Sign up >> HERE.

A lil 7/11 choreography, a lot of BUTI Yoga goodness!

?Beyonce… and Buti… equals Bliss. ;)?

Join us >>HERE.


Tues – Regular BUTI Yoga classes

5:30-6:30 PM at Atmananda Yoga, 18th & Irving Place

7:30-8:30 PM at Yoga Studio at Crunch, 54th & Broadway

and then next week…


Wed 1/14 — LIVE DRUMMING BUTI !!! —

?Sure to sell out. Reserve your spot  >> HERE. <<

This will honor the “reset” them of the next Buti Camp.

We’ll RESET our minds, our bodies, our energy by releasing the old, giving it up to the drums and to the movement. We’ll get out of our heads, into our hearts! Exhale the old, embody the new! Here we come 2015!

Then the following week after MLK Holiday, especially designed for your New Year’s resolutions….

— Buti Camp: The 2015 Sexy Reset begins —

>> Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset <<

It’s going to be such a nourishing six-weeks, you won’t even believe the weight loss you’ll experience in the program!

We’ll be resetting our bodies, energy and mind – through the powerful BUTI Yoga workout, and so much more. With the support of community, we’ll awaken your second chakra – the seat of passion, pleasure, creativity, sexiness, sweetness, indulgence, recharging, filling up

–  all so that even when you’re snuggling under the covers, you’re feeling sassy, confident and vital.

It’s kidney season in January, time to reset & reboot, and we’re always stuck under layers feeling frumpy and hiding out. Then the feelings of apathy, and hibernation and SAD sink in, and we feel like we’re swimming upstream to keep our New Year’s Resolutions. This program will support you in multiple ways to >> keep your resolutions, recharge your batteries, pleasurably exercise, and stay motivated despite the winter blues. <<

If doing all of that, with an in-person community to support you for six weeks sounds like the answer to your New Year’s Resolution prayers, >> come join us.

See you this week, and for Buti Camp Bliss!! Come join the tribe of confident, sassy, fit, energized warrior goddesses!

Much love,


>>>>Links recap below…

Sunday – REEBOK FitHub hosts BUTI BRUNCH

Sign up >> HERE.

Monday Jan 5th  – BEYONCE & BUTI : 7/11 EDITION ?

Join us >>HERE.

Wed Jan 14th – LIVE DRUMMING BUTI !!!

?Sure to sell out. Reserve your spot  >> HERE. <<

SIX WEEK Weight-Loss PROGRAM: Click here >> Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset << to learn how you can take care of your fitness, your energy, your confidence, your body and your spirit, in this 6-week program to kick-off 2015!

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