Relight & Recharge: Candle lit Yoga, Meditation & Inspiration NYC


Relight & Recharge: Candle lit Yoga, Meditation & Inspiration

You’re invited to Relight & Recharge, a peaceful evening to “re-light your candle” which is typically burning at both ends this time of year. Yoga, Meditation, & Conversation will all happen in the warm glow of candelight.

The evening will take place in midtown at Ziva Meditation (252 W 38th St)

Come by yourself or bring a friend, and leave feeling totally restored.

Tickets HERE $25, use discount code FRIENDSLOVE to get $5 off. 


New Year Weight Loss Buti Yoga NYC Workout Program

Paige's Buti Camp New Banner

Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset

If you’re ready loose weight and feel sexy in 2015, here’s the program to help you do it.


Paige’s Buti Camp: the 2015 Sexy Reset will help you lose weight, transform your body, create healthy habits,  and awaken your Sexiness from winter slumber.

This six-week program sets you up for sexiness and success on multiple levels: 1) Physical, 2) Energetic and 3) Emotional, with SO MUCH support. Read below for how, or watch this 2-min video to see why BUTI is transforming women’s lives all over the world.


The centerpiece of the Buti Camp is the BUTI Yoga class each time we meet – a powerful combination of hatha and kundalini yoga, tribal-inspired dance sequences and powerful plyometric training.

In addition to that, we have a focus each week:


1: * Reset & Reboot  *

2: * Awakening the Second Chakra Sweetness *

3: * Charging Your Body’s Batteries: Vitality in the Winter*

4: *From Sweatpants to winter Sexiness & Sass *  (BYO-BFF Night!!!)

5: * Sacred & Sassy – Embodying Your Light  *

6:  * LIVE Drum Buti Night! Out of our heads and into the beat! *

6: * Buti-Camp Graduation & Celebration *


Jan 12th – Mon * Reset & Reboot *

Start your New Year with support, juiciness and inspiration. Goals that feel like indulgences, and support from your accountability partner, the group, and me. 😉 Also, introduction to the chakras, and how they are key to helping you realized energy, health, focus, and sexiness in 2015.

Jan 14th – Wed – Your exercises for resetting and rebooting this week, connecting with a vision for yourself that makes you tingle, toes to tip of your head.



Jan 19th – Mon  * Awakening the Second Chakra Sweetness *

Seat of passion, sweetness, indulgence, pleasure, creativity, recharging, filling up. It’s time to indulge in activities that make us feel pampered!

Jan 21st – Wed –  Weekend indulgences for weight-loss, energy and self-appreciation. Exercises for pampering, and filling up your cup, so that it runneth over with energy. 🙂



Jan 26th – Mon * Charging Your Body’s Batteries: Vitality in the Winter*

It’s kidney season in January, time to reset, reboot, and fill up your batteries. These exercise will help you feel juicy, even during dark days, and even when you’re under the covers.

Jan 28th – Wed – How to recharge your batteries and keep moving and motivated despite the winter blues.



Feb 2nd – Mon –  * BFF Night * From Sweatpants to winter Sexiness & Sass *

Sharing some unconventional tips for upping the sexiness and sass this week. Get out of the sweatpants, and into the sexiness & sass! Even under the layers, you’re still feeling healthy and sexy.

Feb 4th – Wed – Continued focus on receiving nourishment and feeling sexy in winter.



Feb 9th – Mon – * Sacred & Sassy – Embodying Your Light  *

Align with the Divine Within. Tapping into the un-ending energy source that’s always available to you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Feb 11th – Wed – Exercises for receiving your inner light.


Feb 16th – Mon * LIVE Drum Buti Night! Out of our heads and into the beat! *

Let the drums connect you with energy you didn’t know was in you and carry you to sweaty, heart-pumping bliss.


Feb 18th – Wed * Buti-Camp Graduation & Celebration *

Post-camp reflection, celebration, dinner and mingling!

Physical Benefits:

  • The Perfect Workout: Burn 500-1000 cal per workout due to Buti Yoga’s unique combination of yoga, tribal dance and plyometric exercises (and a lil booty-shakin) – which guarantee a FUN workout plus intense physical results.
  • Total-body toning, lengthening and strengthening of your muscles, and weight loss through this proven method.
  • It will make you DRIP with SWEAT! Bring on the HEAT during the winter months! It’s your dance party cardio, plus arm-quivering strength exercises, combined with powerful yoga practice to open your chakras.


Energetic Benefits

  • Since it’s the winter, we will focus on exercises to balance and awaken your second chakra – the seat of passion, pleasure, creativity, sexiness, sweetness, indulgence, recharging, filling up –  all so that even when you’re snuggling under the covers, you’re feeling sexy and healthy.
  • It’s kidney season in January, time to reset & reboot,and we’re always stuck under layers feeling frumpy and hiding out. These exercise will help you feel juicy, full of energy, deliciousness even during dark days. These exercises will also help you to recharge your batteries and keep moving and motivated despite the winter blues.


Emotional Benefits

  • This sets you up for success in keeping your New Year’s resolution to make fitness and exercise a JOYFUL part of your life!
  • It’s fun, so you’ll actually want to come back and crave the stress release in between classes.
  • It’s scheduled commitment, which is key to successfully building and exercise habit. Once it’s in there, you don’t even have to think about it.


  • You’ll have the support of your sisters – a like-minded community who’s all committing to the same thing together.
  • You’ll also have the support of your Accountability Partner, another woman dedicated to making 2015 her sexiest most fit year yet.


Plus, even MORE Support:

  • You’ll receive Daily Diva emails from me during the week to support you in bringing your Sexy back in 2015, especially through chakra-work.


These are bite sized actions that that lead to big changes.=

Small consistent actions = Big lasting results

Who is this for?

  • If you succeed with the support of others and have fun working out in groups, I created this program for you.
  • If you like to have dance parties, do a yoga practice, and get strong, toned and fit – then this is the perfect workout combo you’ve been looking for.
  • AND, if you want a workout with real HEART, SOUL, and loving SUPPORT – this is what I’m offering to you.


There’s really nothing like it in New York City.


And this year, it got even better…

NEW! Nutrition Program (optional):

I’ve partnered with weight-loss coach Maria Marlowe to add-on an incredibly powerful and effective nutrition-based weight loss program!

The Maria Marlowe Method teaches you exactly how to eat to slim your body, naturally boost your energy, create flawless skin, and importantly, become the healthiest version of you.

Starting in conjunction with Buti Camp, her first 6-week program takes place Wednesday nights, right after my Buti Yoga class (workout from 6:45 to 7:50 PM, Maria’s program from 8:00 to 9:00PM). We partnered together because we want to give you the best nutrition information and instruction, so that when you put together the workouts with the nutrition your transformation will be incredible!

Plus, we both believe in making your wellness journey fun, bringing joy and sisterhood into your life, and setting you up with healthy habits that last.

How do you want to kick off 2015?

Whether you choose to do solely my Buti Yoga program, or sign up for Maria’s nutrition program as well, you will lose weight, transform your body and your spirit, get out of your winter blues and into your sexiest self for 2015! Plus, you’ll have an amazing time and leave with sisters and friends!

*Weight-loss is dependent on a number of factors, including starting weight and how closely you follow the program. Results are not guaranteed.


What you’ll receive as part of Paige’s Buti Camp:

–   Twice per week Buti Yoga workout classes!

–   Daily Diva Email Inspirations with simple actions for Sexy Reset

–   Support: from the tribe, your Accountability Partner, and Me


Plus, if you’re dedicated to the program,

you’ll also get the RESULTS that you’re desiring for 2015:

  • Feeling sexy and recharged

  • Weight-loss,  muscle-tone,  loosing inches

  • Renewed energy and vitality

  • Chakra cleansing and balancing exercises

  • Deep-rooted confidence

  • Stress-release

  • HABIT of healthy practices to carry you through the year 🙂




Buti Camp:Monday & Wednesday evenings 6:45-8:00 PM

Begins Monday 1/12, ends Wed 2/18

*No class MLK Jr Day 1/19 – Moving class to Friday of that week.

Nutrition Program: Wednesday evenings 8:00-9:00 PM



Pearl Studios

519 Eighth Ave, btw 35th & 36th





What Buti Camp students are saying:

You don’t know how much this is changing my life. For the first time, I look in the mirror and like what I see. I just bought my first bikini! And I actually like the way I look!! If this is only half-way through Buti Camp, I can only imagine what is going to happen. Thank you.

– Fernanda A.



It honestly changed how I thought and felt about myself. It might have been the weight loss, it might have been the awesome women I was around twice a week for six weeks, but I started feeling less self-conscious. I felt more confident, sexy and strong than ever. These feelings were fermented when I came to class and was surrounded with vibrant feminine energy by women who truly embodied the warrior goddess spirit.

If you are looking to take an exercise class to lose weight, take this class because you get so much more. You’ll leave class feeling lighter, both physically and emotionally. There have been many times I’ve come to this class upset or worried about something and have come out with a smile on my face. This class does change your body and it’s an excellent workout, but what really makes this class worth it, is the positive energy, mindset, and spirit you gain coming out of it.

-Sunita M.



What I love about Buti Yoga is I am being transformed from the inside out. I didn’t expect that. I just wanted an awesome body and workout to some great music. But I got more. I’m learning to regain control back into my life and learning to enjoy life again on my terms!! Priceless!

Before I was so stressed out and had no release! Today I know how to breathe (that breath of fire can make you sweat!!) and take the negativity & redirect my thoughts which has helped me with stress.

– Janet R.



I walk out of your class feeling like a new woman! It’s incredible how that empowerment overflows on to so many other areas of your life!  Buti Yoga for life! It was meant to be. My transformation will not be a size, it will be from the inside out, where my light will shine anywhere I am!!!

Light. Love. Life. Xoxo amazing class

– Annie E.



You helped me see the goddess within me. I felt beautiful for the first time in a really long time. And you helped me with that. Thanks for that class. YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD CHICA!!!!

– Nikki W.



Join our Tribe and Thrive!



Option 1: Paige’s Buti Yoga Camp Only

Paige’s Buti Camp – (6 weeks, Mon & Wed evenings) –  $475

Purchase HERE on Square Market Place.


Option 2: Buti Camp + Nutrition

Purchase both classes together and save!

MMM Nutrition Class (Wed eve) + Paige’s Buti Yoga Camp (Mon & Wed eve)

6 sessions Nutrition: $275

12 sessions Buti Yoga: $475

TOTAL $675  (Regularly $750 – savings of $75 or 10%)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: TOTAL  $638 (Regularly $750- savings of $112.50 or 15%) when purchased before Sunday December 14th.

Purchase  HERE on Square Market


Option 3: Buti Camp + Nutrition Payment Plan

If purchasing both classes, you will save $50 when you opt to pay in two monthly installments.

2 payments of $350 (Total of $700)Purchase Here on PayPal


Option 4: Buti Camp ONLY Payment Plan

3 payments of $165 (Total of $495) Purchase Here on PayPal


In the New Year weight loss is many people’s goal. This is the easy way for you to do it! Give yourself this Sexy Reset for 2015. Here’s to your healthy, sexy 2015!

buti yoga testimonials

After just 6-weeks of Buti Camp workouts and chakra program, no diet program.



 Join our tribe and thrive! Reserve your spot in Paige’s Buti Camp: 2015 Sexy Reset HERE.