4 Tips for a Flat Belly this Thanksgiving!

flat belly thanksgiving

Have your Thanksgiving Goodies, and your Health & Happiness Too!

4 Tips for a Flat Belly this Thanksgiving!

Perhaps like me, you’ve resolved over and over again “This Thanksgiving is going to be different. I swear I’m not going to over-stuff myself! Stuffing is for Turkeys not for me.”

Or, “I really just want to stay fit for my Little Black Dress, and not blow all my hard work.” At the same time, however, there’s a voice that says, “BUT I WANT TO ENJOY THANKSGIVING! Let’s have fun!!”

So, what can you do to satisfy both of those intentions?

Here are my tips for how to have that FUN while also keeping your belly happy and fit:

1) 1 Plate, not 3. Be generous with yourself on your first plate. Load yourself up with a generous portion of the things you love, and make sure you also have veggies so that you’ll feel full from all that fiber. Protein is great too, to make sure you’re feeling full for a long time.

2) Chew. Chew. Chew some more. – Until your food is liquid, actually. Chewing is the first step of digestion, and it’s very important (since your stomach doesn’t have teeth and all). It means that you will FEEL: energized after your meal (goodbye food comas), fuller faster, more satisfaction and enjoyment, more registering in your body of fullness with less food, luxuriating in your meal. When you chew with mindful presence, you really enjoy each bite; it prevents that phenomenon of feeling like “Whoa. Did I just eat all that?! Where did it all go?”
Plus, chewing can completely eliminate digestive issues in your every day life, from bloating to irregularity. It’s truly a habit that can transform your health.

3) Be like the svelte French women. Indulge in decadent pies, etc, just enjoy 3 bites, rather than 3 pieces. Chew. Enjoy. Luxuriate. Indulge with all your senses. In moderation. Make those three bites more enjoyable for you than anyone else is having at that dinner table. That’s a main concept behind http://frenchwomendontgetfat.com/.

4) Give gratitude together: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to ask each person to share what they are grateful for around the table as we sit down to eat. This brings everyone together in the spirit of the holiday, and it’s the most joyful, fun, and heartfelt part of the day for me. Also, by taking time to share one person at a time, it really settles you into the meal and into enjoying your food so that you’re eating mindfully, as opposed to chowing down mindlessly.

BONUS! Do this breath and ab work exercise every day over the holiday weekend: Nauli Kriya Exercises on YouTube. It’s one of the Buti community’s favorites because it keeps your digestion moving, your abs toning, your organs cleansing, and your belly flat.

Have a great Thanksgiving week that’s fun and healthy too!! Come join me in class on Tuesday after Thanksgiving to do some good post-holiday detox and workouts. Details below.

With gratitude for you,

P.S. Use these tips for enjoying your leftovers too! 😉


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