4 habits to be foxy in your Little Black Dress this holiday season


4 habits to be foxy in your Little Black Dress this holiday season


I know it seems early to be writing about the holidays, but I really do want to support you in looking and feeling FOXY this holiday season, and the best way to guarantee you’ll be healthy and hott is to start forming healthy habits BEFORE things get crazy.

So read on for my 4 habits for Little Black Dress readiness below that will guarantee you’re having the best holiday season you’ve had yet, and read on to see how I’ve designed a new special rendition ofHoliday Buti Camp to help you accomplish these habits with ease! 🙂


Unfortunately, the holidays are an overwhelming time when our fitness and health tends to take a back seat — not to mention the total upheaval of our healthy eating habits.  It’s around this time we feel we’ve been set up! How can we survive all of this while still fitting into our sassy Little Black Dresses???


For as long as I can remember, the holidays meant the same old patterns: overeating, over-drinking, under-sleeping, shoving myself around from event to event, gaining weight, AND topping it all of with getting sick on January 2nd when my body finally gave in. Yuck!


Well, let me just tell you – NO MORE of that nonsense!!


Last year I made a commitment to myself to stay balanced, emotionally and physically, and I want to share with you just how I did that.  I want to give you tangible action tips that you can actually utilize this holiday season.


First piece of advice? Start creating these habits NOW so that they are ingrained and easy peasy lemon squeezy when the holiday frenzy begins!




#1: Create a regular workout routine that you really LOVE.


Make it FUN and a part of your lifestyle so that it’s a non-negotiable. Make plans around your workout. Make this time for yourself a priority. This will keep you fitting into your Little Black Dress, and, more importantly keep you sane so that you can actually have fun at all the holiday parties.


WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT?!?! If you’re not exercising, your mood is going to plummet while your waistline, well, does the opposite of plummet.


Make it a priority now to pick a routine that you are going to stick with because you love it, like luuuuuuuvve it and you just feel so happy and wonderful afterwards. Think of this commitment to a workout routine as the best gift you’re giving this holiday season – and it’s for yourself!
This is exactly the reason why I created Buti Camp progams: you prevent yourself from making excuses or getting distracted from your health and fitness because you make a commitment to yourself and your health before the craziness starts.
#2:  Get enough sleep.


This could be a blog post on it own, and it is absolutely going to be one of the pillars of the Holiday Buti Camp .


Basically, to summarize the recent studies and to recall old wisdom on the subject: sleeping enough helps you to keep off weight, stay healthy, and stay happy. When you don’t sleep enough, you crave (and eat) more starchy and sugary foods, have diminished cognitive function, and your body struggles more with stabilizing your hormones and your mood. Sounds pretty brutal, right? Shower yourself with at least 7 hours of sleep each night this season.
#3: Incorporate activity into your holiday festivities.


For example, go to a place with dancing or bowling as a part of your activity rather than just sitting in a bar. Instead of meeting up for that holiday eggnog, meet up for a stroll through the park….(and if you just have to bring the eggnog, that’s cool too).
#4:  Do it with lots of good support!  Healthy habits are SOmuch easier in a community.


Research shows that it’s easier to create healthy habits when you have the support of a group.  Joining a community that’s dedicated to a healthy lifestyle (and getting rid of those pesky naysayers!) is oftenthe key determining factor in accomplishing your goals.


Did you know you are much more likely to succeed when you share with your family/coworkers/friends that you are doing a program and why it’s important to you? Also, having regular check-ins with your friends who are on the same track or a teacher/trainer/coach will maximize your results!


This is another key reason I created Buti Camp , so that you can have that support built-in, making it so much easier for you. 🙂


Seem like a lot? Well, that’s why I’m sending you this email NOW: try to master one of these things at a time so that when the holidays are here, you’ll already be in the habit of being healthy & hot.


In Holiday Buti Camp, we’ll be tackling these goals and creating these habitstogether.


We will be a tribe of sassy femmes on a mission to stay fit for our Little Black Dresses and stay joyous for all the holiday festivities to come!

Join us now if this will be your simple solution to staying HOT for the holidays.  


DISCLAIMER: I realize that the holidays are NOT the time to be working for a bikini body —

which is exactly why this Holiday Buti Camp is so different!


The holidays are time for fun, festivity, friends, family, and community. Yes, my mission is to help you be healthy and happy, and yes, I want to keep you fit and sane during this holiday season. I am also realistic about this time of the year. This Buti Camp was designed to help you have fun and K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sexy). 🙂

Join us in Holiday Buti Camp for sweat, sass, sisterhood, and PLAY and let’s make this the best Little Black Dress season yet!


With Much LOVE,




unnamedHoliday Buti Camp: Healthy & Hot!

Starts Mon 11/3 with a LIVE DRUM Partay!
* Keep your fabulous figure for that Little Black Dress
* Release your stress
* Recharge your batteries with community, LOVE and FUN (hugs are drugs)
* Simplify your food choices
* Indulge in parties guilt-free
* Stay fit: in a fun, sexy, sassy and empowering way
Reserve your spot in the tribe here!

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