your simple plan for staying healthy & fit during the holidays

your simple plan for staying healthy & fit during the holidays

buti yoga new york holiday

Join our tribe and thrive. Stay happy, healthy & fit this Holiday season with Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp!

The holidays. Oh, the holidays.

We all know Holiday season is the busiest time of the year with opportunities to get overwhelmed around every corner. Think dessert, gift giving, parties, cocktails, dessert, family, snow, did I mention dessert???  The cycle of binge eating and guilt and stress during the holidays followed by punishing wellness plans at the New Year is out-dated. It’s time for a wellness lifestyle makeover.

Luckily, I have designed a special Buti Yoga New York program specifically for your needs during the holiday season. This Holiday Buti Camp is an opportunity to DEFLECT all of that madness keeping your fitness fun and simple.

Here’s my intention for you:

Be the life of the parties you attend, and let your friends ask,

“What are you doing? You are glowing!”

This holiday season, you’ll be

Happy, Healthy, Fit and Stress-Free.

And full of

Light, Laughter and Love!


And here’s how this is going to happen for you:

Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp NYC: Healthy, Happy & Fit for the Holidays!

All of the details are on the Eventbrite Registration page HERE, and here’s a summary of why you’d want to join us for your Buti Yoga New York workouts during this holiday season.

You will GIVE YOURSELF A GIFT this season with a program and community where you will:

–          Release your stress

–          Recharge your batteries with community, LOVE and FUN (hugs are drugs)

–          Keep your fabulous figure for all those holiday party outfits

–          Simplify your food choices

–          Indulge in parties guilt-free

–          Stay fit   –   in a fun, sexy, sassy and empowering way


How is joining my Holiday Buti Camp the easiest choice you’ll make this season?

–          Joining this program = taking care of  your fitness needs for the holiday season.

–         Each Buti Yoga Class = ONE simple focus for bringing out the best YOU this season.

–         Got daily stress? = Leave it at the door! Walk out of class rejuvenated with energy and vitality!

–         Every Daily Diva Inspiration email = ONE simple action you can take to change your mindset, your health, and your day in a BIG way.


With a focus on Giving, Giving, Giving, this will be your safe haven to Receive, Receive, Receive.

In Buti Camp, you will discover the incredible benefits of being able to give from a FULL cup – there is a difference!


By boosting your mood and metabolism with exercise, clearing your chakras with yoga and meditation, and connecting with a supportive sisterhood tribe, you’ll be showing up in your life with more energy to be the best YOU that you can be.


Get the benefits of an intense workout, a dance party, a yoga practice and time with girlfriends!


We’ll kick it off with a party of our own. I’m turning 30 on November 3rd, and it’s time for a celebration!

Paige’s Birthday Buti Yoga Bash with LIVE DRUMMING!

We’ll get grounded to our roots with the beat of the drum, out of our heads, into our hearts. Into our bodies, and into the beat of the drum. Since it’s my own personal holiday, I’m making sure we launch this Holiday Buti Camp in style!


What you’ll receive as part of Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp NYC:

–          Twice per week Buti Yoga workout classes with Paige and the tribe

–          Daily Diva Email Inspirations with one simple Diva action to achieve each day

–          Paige’s favorite holiday season health tips for navigating holiday parties, food &


–          Paige’s favorite season specific recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner

–          Fun sisterhood tribe activities each night we meet

–          Accountability and support from the Buti community and your accountability partner

[pssst: Do you know how important this is?! Working out as a group is KEY to achieving your goals!]

–          Access to Paige for in-depth continued support. (I give you my cell number upfront; I guess you could say I’m easy).


And most importantly:


Let this program simplify your holidays this year:

Forget about counting calories, rest assured that you will fit into your party dress, and approach the holidays with  energy and vitality.


If you’re thinking, “Oh thank goodness! This is just what I needed for the holidays!!!”  Join us HERE.



Monday & Wednesday evenings starting 11/3/14 – 12/10/14/  


Pearl Studios, Midtown West, 519 Eighth Ave, btw 35th & 36th

Check out all the schedule and location details on the Eventbrite Registration page HERE


Give yourself a gift this holiday season by joining the tribe at Paige’s Holiday Buti Camp. 

You know you deserve it.


Your Buti Yoga Holiday Helper,

With lots of love,




What some Buti Camp sisters are saying:

I walk out of your class feeling like a new woman! It’s incredible how that empowerment overflows on to so many other areas of your life!  Buti Yoga for life! It was meant to be. My transformation will not be a size, it will be from the inside out, where my light will shine anywhere I am!!! Light. Love. Life. Xoxo amazing class

– Annie E.


You don’t know how much this is changing my life. For the first time, I look in the mirror and like what I see. I just bought my first bikini! And I actually like the way I look!! If this is only half-way through Buti Camp, I can only imagine what is going to happen. Thank you.

– Fernanda A.


It honestly changed how I thought and felt about myself. It might have been the weight loss, it might have been the awesome women I was around twice a week for six weeks, but I started feeling less self-conscious. I felt more confident, sexy and strong than ever. These feelings were fermented when I came to class and was surrounded with vibrant feminine energy by women who truly embodied the warrior goddess spirit.

If you are looking to take an exercise class to lose weight, take this class because you get so much more. You’ll leave class feeling lighter, both physically and emotionally. There have been many times I’ve come to this class upset or worried about something and have come out with a smile on my face. This class does change your body and it’s an excellent workout, but what really makes this class worth it, is the positive energy, mindset, and spirit you gain coming out of it.

-Sunita M.


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