wanna try my 7 min habit for a bikini body? (my Buti Yoga students say “it’s a game changer”)

This habit changed my life, and it's a Buti-Camp secret to keeping your body fit and healthy

This habit changed my life, and it’s a Buti-Camp secret to keeping your body fit and healthy

{{ This is a re-post from the summer months. Now that I have a Buti Yoga blog, I’m re-posting some of my favorite health and wellness tips I’ve shared in the past. Enjoy!}} 

wanna try my 7 min habit for a bikini body?

this joyful habit changed my life forever

About a year and a half ago, I felt stressed, overwhelmed and constantly under the weather. I craved feeling happy, energized and connected to my body.  I needed a change, so I decided to start with one small thing.  

Imagine this: it’s first thing in the morning, and you drag your sleepy self into the sun-drenched living room to start your day with… joyful movement! You start moving, swinging, spinning, jumping, stretching, and your outlook starts to brighten and rise with the sun. Your body starts to sing hallelujah for getting the pleasure of moving joyfully first thing in the morning. You get ready and leave for your day with a spring in your step and a bright attitude!This is what I started to do, and now it’s a cornerstone of my Bikini Body Buti Camp because as one of the ButiCamp sisters says, “it’s a game changer.”If you want to have a healthy fit bikini body that you are enjoying living in, cultivate this habit:

Move your body joyfully for seven minutes every day.

Start with just seven minutes.
And every day after that, move seven minutes (at least). #everydamnday. 😉
Does this seem too simple?
Like, “Ok, Paige, thanks for the cute tip, but this is not going to get me the results that I want.”
Let me remind you, this is a habit. Habits are what define healthy successful people.  Getting a healthy body is not about a quick fix here or there, it’s about your habits. Period.
Here’s why this small habit is powerful: it reminds you how to feel good in your body every day.If you start your day with a seven minute dance party, quick jog, jumping jacks, brisk walk, a skip and a jump, or a yoga flow, you will immediately feel good.  You will remember the Truth, which is:
“Oh, wow, I love how it feels to be alive and invigorated in my body.
I want MORE of this!
I can have this at any time!”
Morning is a great time to do this because it will set the tone for the rest of your day.Once you start experiencing this, then you will automatically start to crave feeling good in your body more, so you’ll seek it out in other ways.You’ll crave more opportunities to move your body in a joyful way.
You’ll crave healthy foods.
You’ll try new social activities that get you moving your body.
You’ll try new foods that will leave you feeling light and energized!Your outlook changes, your choices change, and then your body changes! Your life changes for the better too. 😉  If you want to get in 60 minutes of joyful movement with me and the Bikini Body Buti Camp tribe – join us Monday for the last big BUTI Partay before the Fall!  Friends don’t let friends miss out – it’s the last BUTI Party with me until Sept! Bring your girl, and get summertime sweaty with us! 🙂
I hope you’ll give this seven minutes of joyful movement a try! This habit changed my life for the better in so many ways.Here’s how:1) Play some music you love. 2) Move your body however feels good for you. (yoga, dance, skipping, walking, running)

3) Keep it going for 7 min to really experience the energetic shift from blah to BAM!

4) Start your day with a skip and a smile. 😉

Remember, when your outlook changes, your choices change, and then your body changes! Your life changes for the better too. 😉

Big Love,



Want 7 minutes of inspiration?
Here’s a playlist for you to
enjoy moving to! Feel Good Now Buti Camp Playlist
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