how a dud date turned into a YES (+my fav de-stress tip inside)


this immediately turned a date around for the better…

There’s more to being truly healthy and radiant than food choices and regular exercise – releasing your stress is crucial to embodying your radiance!

A couple years ago, I was on a first date, and it was… uncomfortably awkward. I felt wound up and anxious. Since I couldn’t relax, our communication was strained and painful. Once we finished our drinks (juices, to be honest), he invited me to take a walk in Central Park. We took our shoes off as soon as we got to the grass, and then everything shifted. We totally relaxed into ourselves and started having a great time!

So, here is my favorite summertime stress-relief technique:

* Get your bare feet on the bare ground * 

This is actually many steps for stress relief rolled into one because if you get your bare feet on the ground then you are spending time outdoors, you’re getting mood-boosting Vitamin D from the sun, and you’re taking a pause from the craziness of your day.

Going barefoot connects you with the earth’s negative ions through your feet, which has shown health benefits including calming, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, detoxifying and synchronizing our internal clocks. Some people experience better sleep after being connected to the earth!

Negative ions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which increases awareness and mental energy and decreases drowsiness.

Near the water negative ions fill the air as well, so that helps explain why we feel so relaxed at the beach!

For your next date, suggest a park date, so you can both be your calm and confident selves!

Big Love,
P.S. Want to have a barefoot dance party? Come join me in a Buti Yoga class in NYC. If you can’t make it this week,  have a dance party on your own! Listen to my Buti Camp playlist from World Cup week for inspiration. Enjoy!!

Buti-Camp 2.0 Playlist 


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